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We’ve all been there before – stuck in the miserable corner store or crowded train station, waiting impatiently for the rain to stop. Like any other day, you’ve left your umbrella at home and going back to your apartment is not an option. You are already late. Rain seems to become our biggest enemy when we least expect it, especially when we’re trying to get somewhere. Sure, you could run in the rain, pick up an Evening Standard to shield yourself, but do you really want to?

This is why we created Lonbrella.


We offer a reliable network of eco-friendly, windproof and elegant umbrellas located in public and private locations. Affordable, convenient and easy to use, we want you to look your best every day. Don’t worry about the small stuff, we got it covered. Leave your house with one less thing to carry.


Rodrigo Camino, COO

Wendi Lai, CEO

Olianna Gonzalez, CDO

Coming from Singapore, Wendi leads Lonbrella’s overall strategic business and creative direction. She is competent in business development, marketing 
and public relations.

Skilled in market entry and research strategy, Rodrigo leads the introduction of Lonbrella to the London market through operational support. He has experience working with startups in UK and Peru.

Olianna is a Venezuelan architect and previous business owner of an independent artists retail store. She is in charge of Lonbrella's product design and visual communication.


We don’t have any vacancies currently, but please feel free to drop your CV and a cover letter to contact@lonbrella.co.uk if you think we should know about you.

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