Lonbrella is London’s first umbrella sharing network that provides high quality, windproof and eco-friendly umbrellas in public and private spaces throughout the city.
We offer convenience, affordability, and reliability to commuters despite the rain.


Customers have access to rentable umbrellas in public and private locations in London. By using a contactless payment card or Lonbrella’s mobile application, customers can rent, return or purchase an umbrella from any Lonbrella station.


What is Lonbrella?

How It Works

Find out how in this 1-minute video:

Our Umbrellas


Our umbrellas have been carefully sourced and curated to ensure that our products and service are of the highest quality for our customers. Known as "Lonbrellas", they are windproof, eco-friendly and lightweight umbrellas.


We are also the only environmentally sustainable umbrella rental service globally that encourages environmental sustainability through the utilisation of eco-friendly umbrellas.  We have integrated a recycling system that manages, recycles and upcycles Lonbrella’s broken umbrellas.


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