Is Instagram Facebook’s next Facebook?

Nowadays, it seems like Facebook is being invaded. You probably thought about this before it actually happened, and you probably told you friends that eventually this will mess up Facebook. But the truth is that it seems that Facebook is being packed with pictures older family members, posting their latest trip to the Caribbean or videos of their children accomplishing different stuff. This is clear having a negative effect for Facebook’s users, making a big chunk of them migrate to other platforms, in which they feel more confident and ‘in charge’. Introducing: Instagram.

In today’s era, social media has become a trend. You can see that people are obsessed with sharing their private lives with everybody else (or just their 3,000 friends) with different excuses such as: sharing nice pictures, art, business or any other stuff. The limit of age doesn’t matter at all. Kids as well as older people are using social media actively. Recently, Instagram has become the ‘cool kid’ when trying to do the abovementioned.

But what happened? Why is everybody recently leaving Facebook? Well, there are many different explanations and opinions. For example, the 28-year-old blogger from Littleton, Colorado says that he prefers Instagram because "I just think it's a nicer place to be," whereas on Facebook, "everything feels like an advertisement or an argument." (UsaToday, 2018).

A different perspective follows the now infamous Cambridge Analitica scandal, that during 2018, a report showed that Facebook have been giving and sharing our information with several external parties (Fool, 2018) from years ago. This impacted approximately 50 million users. An additional 40 million accounts could potentially be affected, too, bringing the total number of users that could have data compromised up to 90 million. This not only led to a general global discomfort with this platform, but even celebrities started a movement called the #deletefacebook movement that made millions of people to delete their account (Business Insider, 2018).

During 2017, more than 44% of younger users have deleted Facebook off their phones, but Facebook's problem with gaining traction popularity among younger generations goes far beyond privacy (CNBC, 2018). The app, by its very nature, is less appealing to younger users. As mentioned before, any platform that has your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents all over the place, creates a negative engagement for younger users (Inc, 2017).

This is one of the reasons why in the year 2012, Facebook made a huge spend amounting to USD 1 Billion. Why? It went ahead to buy the not-so-popular, photo-sharing app Instagram! But why would Facebook spend so much on a platform that wasn’t even performing OK? The answer was simple. Facebook wanted to come as a strong frontrunner in the world of mobile, and Instagram was the answer (Business2Community, 2018).

Approximately 800 million people log in to Instagram at least once a month, 500 million of them every day and a report made by eMarketer predicts that predicts Instagram’s ranks will get 927.9 million users by 2021.

The mobile app, which had 30 million users and no revenue when Facebook bought it, is expected to reach $10 billion in revenue by 2019 (Business Insider, 2018). In fact, it is not only expected the Instagram will beat Facebook, but also other social media giants, like Snapchat. According to Facebook, 200 million people are now using ‘Instagram Stories’ every day. By comparison 160 million people are active on Snapchat daily.(Social Media Today, 2017).

So, with this new transition and movement of users to new platforms, it’s not a surprise that you’ve wondered: “Which platform should you use for your business?”. The nature of your business will inform that decision. However, depending on what you are looking for there might be a better option between Facebook and Instagram that you may choose:


· Reach - According to Statista (2019) it has more than 2.2 billion monthly users.

· Demographics - 72% of adults use it and it has more female users (DeamGrow, 2018).

· Ads Performance – Beating Instagram, its revenue has increased 59% since 2015 (Social Flow, 2018).


· Engagement – This platform wins the prize, by having +95 million photos and videos posted daily (DeamGrow, 2018).

· Traffic – Instagram also beats Facebook in this area, as visitors stay 45% longer time than in Facebook (DeamGrow, 2018).

· Demographic – Instagram users are younger than Facebook’s, as 55% of the users are between 18 -29 years old (DeamGrow, 2018).

In conclusion, it is clear that Facebook is currently the dominant force when it comes to social media, and it remains the biggest social media network by a large percentage. Bear in mind that a high number of young people are starting to leave this platform and are migrating to Instagram, which means that this dominance might not be the same a few from now. (ValueWalk, 2018). The platform that companies should be focusing on at the moment will depend entirely on the objective and nature of each business. However, we now have several options for social media platforms that can me more adequate depending on each businesses’ needs.

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