The Convoluted World of Apps

There’s an app for that

Take a look at your phone for a few seconds, and count. How many home screens do you have? How many apps do you have? For almost all of us, the answer is way too many. Personally, I have 160 apps on my phone. On a daily basis, I use 9 of them. Since apps rose to prominence in 2008 and as their economy exploded, our phones have become littered with apps for everything. Instant messengers, travel apps, games, digital wallets, you name it! Whichever daily function you perform in your life, there is probably an app for that.

Having so many apps for different functions is not only confusing, it is also very inefficient. Imagine you are planning a holiday with your partner abroad. You will need: A taxi app such as Uber or a train app to get to the airport, a flight app for your flight ticket, a hotel app to book your hotel, an instant messenger to update your family, a social media app, and so on and so forth. On each one of these apps, the UI is different which means you have to spend time learning how to use them. You need to spend time booking your services, and you need to spend time coordinating between them. That is a lot of effort for what should be a very simple process.

An all in one solution

In my opinion, a lot of these inefficiencies can be solved. Let’s look at that holiday example again. What if there was a way to combine both the taxi ride to the train station and the train ride itself to the airport into one continuous journey? Our company, Shartego, provides this with our unique solution called Door to Door Trainpooling. Shartego’s mobile app will allow the user to simply book his journey to the airport, and both the car and train ride will be provided in the same experience via carpooling and trainpooling. One booking, and one app, will take care of all of this. No coordination needed.

What does this mean for you?

Not only will you gain the benefit of removing this hassle, you will also gain all the benefits and crucially, the discounts that come with group travel. Shartego works by pooling individuals who are making the same journey into a virtual group, and purchases group tickets for them. Since the door to door service is done by both carpooling and group train tickets, you will pay significantly less than you would if taking these journeys separately and individually. Shartego will not only provide you with more convenience, but also better value for every journey you make.

When will Shartego launch?

Shartego’s mobile app will launch in the fall of 2019, with trial services beginning in the UK and Germany. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching “Shartego”. You can also follow me personally on twitter at @MazinYaniv for more news and updates.

Written by Yaniv Mazin – CEO of Shartego

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