Why should I use Lonbrella umbrellas?

Let’s unapologetically face it, carrying an umbrella is inconvenient. Whether you’re a student arriving at university for your 9:00am economics lecture, or an accountant strolling up to the office to work on your company’s latest financial statement, bringing in with you a nearly 100cm dripping-wet piece of obtrusive nylon is going to give you problems. Not only will you make the floors wet, but the umbrella will simply become dead-weight that you would rather not carry. Is that why 54% of Londoners hate carrying around an umbrella all day? To that, we say yes and so that is where Lonbrella comes in. We delegate the task of staying dry so that you can have one less thing to carry.

If you head over to our ‘About’ page, you’ll read that our umbrella stations offer convenience, affordability, and reliability. What a tremendous proposal; so much so, that we want to briefly explore these key points and tell you exactly what they mean for you, the average London commuter. Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going to make you wish that it would hurry up and end; we’ve skipped all the excess fluff that’s commonly seen throughout many articles, and instead, we’ve included only the most important parts. We value your time.

Firstly, is convenience. Once again, an umbrella is dead-weight. 54% of Londoners hate carrying it around and we get it because we’ve been there too. When you use a Lonbrella umbrella, the only carrying that you’re doing is between stations; which works incredibly simple. After using our website to locate a station, you will pay for and dismount an umbrella, use it until you arrive at your destination, then drop it off to the nearest station. In short, a Lonbrella umbrella enables you to pick it up, drop it off, and forget about it. Easy.

Secondly, is affordability. The pricing of our umbrellas starts from £1 a day. Now let’s be upfront. There are 210 rainy days in London every year. If you were using a Lonbrella umbrella on every one of those days then it would cost you at least £210 per year. Sure, you could buy an ordinary umbrella for much less but consider what our proposal really affords you. It saves you the time that you would spend on drying off an ordinary brolly and storing it away. Let’s hypothetically say that it takes five minutes to dry it off and one minute to store it upon arrival to home and university/work. Do the math and you’ll see that you’re now afforded nearly an extra two days per year. This is because by using Lonbrella umbrellas, these tasks are eliminated. You probably know what it’s like to be late on completing an assignment or deadline and wishing you had more time. Now if you’re smart, then you’ll know that time is our most scarce resource, therefore, spending money to buy more of it is absolutely worth it.

Thirdly and finally, is reliability. Whilst our umbrellas are convenient and affordable, these qualities would all go to waste if our brollies were not optimised for the London environment. This is why we have designed our umbrellas to be ultra-robust and ensure that they are well-constructed using only the best materials. Most importantly, our umbrellas are wind-proof. So when you’re using a Lonbrella umbrella, you can expect to be very well-braced against the harshest English winds. Additionally, our umbrellas are lightweight, making them easy to carry and swiftly manoeuvre as you go about your travels.

As you can tell, our umbrellas are a tremendous proposal. They are convenient, affordable, and reliable; all the things that you, the average London commuter, could possibly want out of an umbrella to keep you dry. But don’t take our word for it, because if you’ve reached this part of the article, then we’ve clearly captivated your attention, and so there’s really only one thing left for you to do. Start using Lonbrella umbrellas. Once more, you can discover where our umbrella stations are located by checking out our website.

But what if you’re a business or vendor reading this and are thinking that it would be a socially and/or financially lucrative investment for your customers? Don’t worry, we have you covered; just submit your inquiry to us by visiting the ‘Locations’ subtab beneath the ‘Contacts’ tab here on our website, and we’ll get back to you promptly. At least by the time that you start using Lonbrella umbrellas, you will have found a way to delegate the task of staying dry, so that you or your people can have one less thing to carry.

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